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SURDAS (1483-1563)

The blind bard, Surdas was a contempurary of Akbar He spent most of his time singing on his beloved Krishna, somewhere between Agra and Mathura. A meeting with Saint Vallabhachrya is said to have sparked poetry about the boyhood exploits of Sri Krishna.

The main works of Surdas are: Sursagar, SurSaravali and Sahityalahari. Surdas's songs overflow wirh pure, heartrending devotion.

But unlike Jayadeva and Vidyapati whu deified Krishna, the Lover Surdas sang of child Krishna and his pranks. No Hindi poet has equalled Surdas in his kllowledg"e of child psychology.

In his songs, Surdas shows his deep knowledge aud understanding of the Puranas, especially the Bhagavata.

To hear Surdas's songs is to transport oneself to a spiritual world brimming with love, faith and devotion.