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Temples In India
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  Short Description Of Gods,  Goddesses And Ritual Objects

    Online Darshan
Online Darshan, a treasure house of information on Hindu religion and spirituality has been launched to bridge the gap between the divine and humanity. User-friendly links from each page ensure easier access to any section from anywhere. For the first time on the net, detailed information on all the Temples of India is made available with a search facility by the name of the Deity or State. Devotional songs, Bhajans and aartis, Travel tips with Maps of each city, Travel routes and Travel assistance is also provided for the convenience of Pilgrims. Exhaustive websites of holy shrines of Vaishno Devi, Sri Balaji temple, and Mathura Vrindavan, are the highlights of this section. We also have a special aarti room where you can perform Cyber Aarti of your favorite deity. The pooja room has the idol of the deity & a pooja thaal. The lighted lamps (divas) and basket of flowers are provided to you to perform the aarti.
Hindus all over worship more than 33 million Gods and Goddesses, each god has many names, according to the place of worship and the narrative attached to them...more>>
Aarti Rooms
You may also perform aarti and hear devotional music while doing the same ... more>>
Bhajans & Aarti
You may also perform aarti by using the lamps provided... more>>
Our Special Selection Of Temples

The temple is the focus for all aspects of everyday life in the Hindu community - religious, cultural, educational and social... more>>

List Of Hindu Temples
Here is a list of Hindu temples, sorted by location... more>>
Some Hindu Temples Abroad

Some Hindu Temples Abroad, Ancient and Modern... more>>

The Search for true vedic knowledge.. more>>
Vedic knowledge through the Vedas are the oldest known human documents in terms of religion, philosophy and literature... more>>
Mantras / Kathas
Gayatri, Mahalaxmi Mantra, Satyanarayan Katha... more>>
Children Stories
Valmiki's Ramayan, Mahabharata, Bhagavad Gita, Jai Maa Durga... more>>
Important Hindu Events & Dates
Gayatri, Mahalaxmi Mantra, Satyanarayan Katha... more>>
Travel Routes
Few well researched Travel Routes to famous pilgrim sites of India... more>>
The Power of Mantras
The Essence and Energy of Mantras Learner about the meaning and powers, yoga... more>>
Holy Destinations in India
There are several sacred holy destinations in india... more>>

In Hinduism, the term puja refers to the worship of deities... more>>

In Hinduism, an avatar or avatara , is the incarnation (bodily manifestation) of an Immortal Being... more>>
Sacred Songs of India

The sacred songs of India are an arbitrary, incomplete, whimsical selection... more>>

Kabir Doha
Kabir (1440-1518) was an Indian mystic who preached an ideal of seeing all of humanity as one. more>>
Khmer Temples

This section contains vast information on the The Khmer Empire, which for about 500 years was the most powerful Temples of Vishnu, Shiva and The Buddha... more>>

Pāñcarātra ( the Vaishnava Sanskrit texts dedicated to worship of Narayana. They form part of the Agamas.) and Ankor Wat... more
Leelas of Lord Venkateswara
Tarikonda is a village near Tirupati, a famous pilgrim centre. There lived in that village a noble more>>
Surya Namaskara
Surya Namaskara is a well known vital technique within the yogic repertoire. more>>
In Hindu religion and mythology, the nine planets occupy an important role ..more>>
Ganesa Beyond The Indian Frontiers
All the gods and goddesses of the Hindu pantheon, Ganesa is the most interesting more>>
Cosmic Trinity
The Vedas are the main and intrinsic part of the Hindu mythology. Hindu mythology roots more>>
The Essence & Purpose of Yoga
The mind of man seeks the unknown because the present consciousness is incomplete, conflictual more>>
Sparks Of Wisdom
Read interesting new articles on various spiritual topics. Updated frequently…. more>>
Great Minds on Hinduism

Quotes on Hinduism more>>

Online Books
Select Books on Religion and Spirituality more>>
All About Ashtavinayak
In Maharashtra, there are eight temples dedicated to Ganesha.... more>>
Temples- India's Artistic Heritage
The Glory of Indian Art in Hindu Temples, through the centuries... more>>
Ayurveda Mudra Gyan
Sri Balaji Suprabhatam
Sri Balaji Hymn to Lord Venkateshwara - Suprabhatam
Online Ramayana
For the past two thousand years the Ramayana has been among the most important literary and oral texts of South Asia. Ramayana, the epic poem, provides insights into many aspects of Indian culture and continues to influence the politics, religion and art of modern India... more>>
Online Gita
The Gita describes the activities of a person at peace, the thoughts of a person of wisdom, the yearning of a soul in love. Anyone whose soul has ever cried out for perfection or realization will find the Gita thefulfillment of all aspirations. more>>
Vrat and Kathas 108 Names of Deities Durga Puja Special Scared Tulsi
Vrats and Kathas 108 Names of Deities Durga Puja Special Scared Tulsi
Inspirational Quotes
Chalisas Yantra Influence and Power of Gems & Stone Inspirational Quotes


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