Leelas Of Lord Venkateswara


Introduction of Andal Goda Devi

Dwanipuram, otherwise known as Sri Villiputhur, is a village near Madurai in South India. Some time back there lived in that village a Brahmin belonging to the' Peyyar' family. He had a son named Bhattananda. He was very dear to hi') parents and was brought up with much affection.

[casting of herbs to the ocean of milk]

Like Prahlada, Bhattananda was also a Vishnu Bhaktha from childhood. When Bhattananda grew up an adult, he reared a beautiful flower garden. He used to pluck flowers from the garden, make garlands out of them and adorn Lord Krishna daily. He derived much pleasure in doing so. Since he was much attached to Lord Krishna, he was popularly known as 'Vishnuchitta'.

One day Bhattananda was working in his garden. He was mending the water channals to allow free flow of water for all plants. While doing so he noticed a box like thing being embedded in the in the ground. He dug the same out and to his surprise found a baby girl inside. This reminded him of Janaka finding Janaki while ploughing the field. It was really a God's gift. Bhattananda kissed the child fondly and brought her up affectionately. She was named Gada devi.

Like Vishnuchitta, Gada devi also was a devotee of Lord Krishna. Even as a child, she used to build temples of sand, put a doll of Krishna inside it and pray. She sang songs on Lord Krishna and danced before the picture in devotion of the Lord.

Vishnuchitta appreciated his daughter's Bhakthi towards Lord Krishna. He taught her verses, slokas and songs on the Lord.

Goda's attachment to Krishna grew more and more that made her feel that Krishna was her husband and his company gave her the greatest pleasure. She used to forget the world in His service. Assuming the Lord Krishna to be present before her, she used to converse with Him, sing and dance.

Vishnuchitta wrote many songs in praise of Lord Krishna in Tamil. He was given the title "Peri Alwar" on account of those renderings. Alwars assume themselves to be gopikas and Sri Krishna their husband and sing songs in praise of Him and feel also as if they were conversing with Him and having Hi. pleasurable company.

Gada devi also like her father became a great scholar in Tamil. She wrote I Tiruppavai " I Nachiyar Tirumozhi' and earned a name as an unparaHellcd devotee of Lord Krishna.

One day Gada devi wore on her neck, the flower garland prepared by her father for the Lord and standing before a mirror admired her beauty and supposed herself to the fittest woman to he Lord Krishna's wife. She was very much enjoying that thought. Meanwhile Vishnuchitta came there. He was surprised to see his daughter wearing the garland meant for the Lord. He could not bear that sight. He however told her that she had committed a great crime in doing so. Gada devi did not open her mouth. She kept mum.