Leelas Of Lord Venkateswara


Introduction of God Gifts A Child

Narayana Pillai was a merchant. He lived in a village in South India. He had a wife. They loved each other dearly and lived happily. But they had no children. This worried them. They therefore, prayed Lord Venkateswara to bless them with a child.

One day Narayana Pillai was sitting in his shop. He thought within himself: 'O, Lord, it is over twelve years since I was married . Yet I did not get a child. What sins have I committed to be childless I do not understand.'

At that time a Sadhu came there. Narayana Pillai told him his greivance and asked him for a solution.

The Sadhu thought for a while He then advised the merchant to make a pilgrimage with his wife to Tirupati, have their heads tonsured, visit the shrine and have darshan of the Lord and celebrate Garud- otsav of the Lord. ‘The Lord is known as Prathyakshadaivam. He will be pleased and will surely bless you with a child's he said. Then blessing Narayana Pillai the Sadhu went his way.

Narayana Pillai told his wife about the Sadhu's advice to him. They decided to make the pilgrimage and celebrate Garudotsav of the Lord. They fixed an auspicious day for the journey and on that, day started for Tirupati.

They reached Alipiri on their way and rested there for the night. The next morning before sunrise they started their journey up the hills. On their way, a Harijan met them. He had a baby boy about a year old in his hand. He told Narayana Pillai that the baby was an orphan; and since he had no children he might receive it and rear it. He further said that God himself had sent him with the child to hand it over to him (Pillai).

Pillai said 'you are a Harijan and- an untouchable. I therefore, cannot receive the child from you and bring discredit to my family.' He proceeded his way up the hills.

But the Harijan would not leave him. He followed Pillai and again said, "Dear Sir, caste does not differentiate men from one another. All are God's children and are equal before Him. Because you have no children and there are no possibilities of your getting children also, Lord Venkateswara has gifted this child to you. So please be kind to the child and accept this offer." The merchant couple were not convinced and hence did not agree to receive the child. They advanced further on their journey.

The Harijan would not leave them at that. He informed them that he was leaving the child there to do what they liked and went his way. The merchant couple did not know what to do in the circumstances. They were perplexed. Meantime from a nearly tower they heard a voice saying thus: "You, due to your fate, will not beget children. So to satisfy your desire for children, I ID}self have sent this child to you. To test you, appeared before. you as a Harijan. To me there is no difference as to caste creed or colour. Therefore, you take the child, bring it up and satisfy your desre for children. Pillar and his wife were surprised to hear that Voice from heaven. They felt they had committed a sin rejecting the offer of the child. They immediately stood on their knees and begged pardon of the Lord for their mistake and prayed that they be blessed.

They then took the child and affectionately kissed it and rejoicing greatly went up the hills uttering 'Govinda, Govinda '.