Leelas Of Lord Venkateswara


Introduction of Bala Sanyasi

About two centuries ago, there lived in a village to the North of Madras, a young Sanyasi. The name of Lord Venkateswara was ever on his lips. He went from door to door begging and lived on the alms obtained thus. Since he was leading the life of a Sanyasi from boyhood he was popularly known as Balasanyasi.

He used to go begging during nights. After finishing food, he used to sit in Padmasan and immerse in the dhyan of the Lord. His devotion to God was very sincere. He used to praise the Lord in many words. He used to pray, "O God! How many more days, I have to lead my life this way! When will you absorb me in your lotus feet; I am unable to bear the burden of this life. You were so kind enough to bless Moksha to Dhruva, Prahlada, Ajamila ete. What sins have I committed that I have to still live in this world! Whom else other than you can pray for help? Please therefore, be kind enough to relieve me from this birth and merge me in you. Be kind to me.

Days rolled on like this. One night he got quite fed up with life and as usual in his Padmasan position he prayed God, 0, Saviour I am fed up with this life. I would like to be blessed moksha. I rely only on you. There are none others for me to approach. So, Lord, kindly fulfil my desire.' He soon fell fast asleep.

That night before dawn, he had a dream. It is about 4 o' clock. The Lord appeared before him. He wore a crown, diamonds and rubies set. He held a conch and wheel on either hands. He wore silk clothes. He shone like a number of suns concentrated at a point. He said, "O, Lad, I am pleased at your Bhakthi. It was due to the sins you committed in your previous birth, you had to lead this kind of life. Your devotion has since purified your sins• Not before long, that is) next Friday night, you will merge in me." - So saying He disappeared.

The next morning when he woke up. he remembered the dream he had the previous night. He was much pleased. His body shook. Tears of joy rolled from his eyes. He as usual, continued his prayers.

Thursday arrived. From the morning the Sanyasi began to tell people all about his dream. In a day he was going to attain mukthi from that birth. His joy knew no bounds. He sang and danced merrily. People became to feel he had gone mad. Some however felt that there may be some truth also in what he says. They felt so because they knew him from his boyhood' They respected him.

That was Friday. The Sanyasi woke up quite early before sunrise and completed his morning routine and was in all joy for, that was the day he was due to attain mukthi. He would leave this world once for all and never to return, He sang in praise of the Lord and he danced merrily forgetting himself. He ate all that was offered to him by his admirers and at sunset he sat at rest under a Banyan tree in deep meditation of Sri Venkateswara and selpt with a clear heart.