Leelas Of Lord Venkateswara


Introduction of Cobbler Chinnaiah

It is universally known that Srimannarayana is omnipresent and is at the beck and call of His devotees. He responds to the calls of His Bhakthas at all times and in all circumstances. Here is a story of how the Lord appeared before. his Bhaktha and obliged him by granting his request and also helped him attain mukthi.

Long ago there lived in a small village near Tirupati, a Harijan named Chinnaiah. He did his traditional cobbler's job and maintained his family with the income thus derived. Due to fate he suffered from paralysis.

One day while he was attending to his profession, a group of pilgrims passed that way. They uttered "Govinda, Govioda" in a chorus. The musical utterance of this name attracted the attention of Chinnaiah. He heard those sounds in rapt attention. By mere hearing of that he had a feeling of relief from his ailment. He felt at ease. This surprised him• He wanted to know the miracle behind that name. He therefore, sent his wife, Ankamma to follow that party of pilgrims and find out from them where they were going and why they uttered that name?

Ankamma did so; and on return told her husband that that party were proceeding to Tirupati to fulfil their prayers and deposit their offerings. ' Tirupati is known as Kalivuga Vaikuntam.. Sri Maha Vishnu and Lakshmi art living there as Sri Venkateswara and Padmavati. Those who sincerely believe and pray that Lord devotedly will get all their desires fulfilled. If we also feel that He is our Lord and pray He will surely help us‘, she said.

Hearing those words, Chinnaiah was overjoyed, and tears rolled down from his eyes. His body shook in excitement, He uttered within himself the name of the Lord - ' Govinda Govinda' and prayed Him thus: I do not know what sins I have committed in my previous birth that I have been born an untouchable and am suffering from this disease. If I am not cured of this illness, it would be difficult for me to maintain my family. I therefore surrender to you my Lord. Please bless me health. I promise to stitch and present you a fine pair of chappals.

Lord's mind is an ocean of Kindness. The Bhaktha's prayers reached his ears. He blessed Chinnaiah. His disease gradually disappeared. He became quite well once again.

From that time onwards Chinnaiah became a great devotee of Lord Venkateswara He used to explain others also how by the grace of that Lord he was cured of his ailment. He spoke to them in great praise of Sri Venkateswara.

One day in order to fulfil his vow to the Lord, he sat at work and wanted to stitch chappals for the Lord. He collected all the materials required. But he was perplexed. He could not proceed with the work because he had never seen the Lord and hence did not know the size of His feet. He appealed to the Lord .I to help him. He placed a picture of the Lord, s decorated it with flowers, spread before it rice flour and in devotion prayed the Lord to assist him in his attempt. In meditation Chinniah slept.

The Lord was pleased with his prayers. He wanted to help him. So He appeared there, made foot prints on the flour spread there and disappeared.