Leelas Of Lord Venkateswara


Introduction of Sri Venkataramana Witnesses In Court

In this Kaliyuga, people have lost faith in God. They commit innumerable sins-Rich ill treat the poor. The .innocent are way laid and robbed. Arson and loot have become quite common. 'Might is right' is the order of the day. Law is defied. Lawlessness is rampant. Religious hatred is on the increase. Dharma has lost its rightful place.

[casting of herbs to the ocean of milk]

To restore Dharma and help the innocent, God is born on earth as Sri Venkataramana. He has made Tirupati his abode. He loves his devotees dearly.

Whenever appeals are made devotedly to Lord Venkataramana, He answers their calls by appearing before them or by blessing them their desires fulfilled. Therefore He is known as 'Prathyaksha Daivam.'

The Lord, in order to test the magnitude of Bhakthi in His devotees, often puts hurdles in their path and carefully watches how they are able to overcome them. If at anytime he sees danger, he readily rushes to their aid.

In Dwapara yuga, Sri Krishna gave his Bhaktha, Kuchela great difficulties - He gave him a number of children and also poverty. When the Lord was satisfied with his sincere Bhakthi, He blessed Kuchela all wealth and happiness. So also in this Kaliyuga Sri Venkataramana, in order to save his devotee, appeared in a court of Law and spoke as a witness. The story goes thus:

Kakinada is a famous business centre in Andhra Pradesh. Once a Vysya named Subbi Setty lived in this town with his wife, Achamamba. He did business and earned a lot of money. He was also a Land Lord. Both Subbi Setty and Achamamba were great devotees of Lord Venkataramana. They knew only two things in life - one was to mind their business and the other was to spend the time left, in service of the Lord Venkataramana.

They spent a lot of money for the worship of the Lord. They helped the poor and the needy with alms liberally. They believed that ‘Manava Seva’ was Madhava Seva'. In course of time their business fell. They became very poor. They found it very difficult to make both ends meet. Probably God wanted to test them.

They did not know what to do to overcome that difficulty. Achamamba with a heavy heart asked her' husband, II Sir, we had never been neglecting the worship of the Lord. Never have we driven any poor or hunger striken. Why then are we facing such difficulty now?"

Subbi Setty said,” My dear, you are mistaken. How can anyone escape fate. It is all the result of our misdeeds in our previous birth. If we patiently
bear this and continue our sincere devotion to the Lord, we are bound to get over the difficulty. As a business man faces his losses and gains squarely, so also in our life- we h1.ve to face both good and evil evenly. ' Karmanye Vadhikaraste, Ma Phale Sukhadachana '- that me am one has to do his duty without minding for the result, God will reward at the appropriate time."

While they were thus conversing. it came to her mind what her neighbour, Lakshmi, had once told her about a wealthy muslim by name Badekhan. She at once told her husband that Badekhan lived in the adjoining area and was lending money on interest. Many who got loans from him were very successful in business and were happily placed.