Leelas Of Lord Venkateswara


Introduction of Bhaktha Bandhava

Lord Sri Venkateswara is Kaliyuga Avatar. Many are his Leelas. All the devotees are his children. He often plays with them. He pricks the child; And when the child cries He laughs. He also swings the cradle. This is how the attachment towards Him begins. He keenly watches the reaction at every stage. He comes to the rescue at the appropriate time in the appropriate manner. He is the Saviour. He responds calls of His Bhakthas as a servant answers his master. Here is a story of how He played with his Bhakthas and also rescued them at the appropriate time.

Long ago in Bhavani Nagar, there lived a wealthy merchant. He had a wife and a son. The son wasnamed- Suguna. The merchant and his wife were devotees of Lord Venkateswara. They led a happy life.

In course of time Suguna became an adult. He was married to Sucharita a beautiful young lady. She was very intelligent too. The marriage was celebrated on a grand scale on an auspicious day.

Suguna and Sucharita loved each other very dearly and led their married life pleasantly. Even after some years, they did Dot beget children. Sucharita felt sad.

Suguna, who was also a great devotee of Lord Venkateswara. like .his father, also felt sorry for not becoming a father as yet. So he sincerely prayed the Lord to bless them with a child. God was not kind to him. His request went in vain. Days passed thus.

Once Sucharita had to attend a marriage of one of their relatives. When she went there, she heard many pointing out to her and whispering that she was a barren woman and her participation in such functions would be quite inauspicious. One or two even spoke among themselves suggesting that she may instead visit Holy places with her husband to beget children. She was hurt at those words. She felt ashamed to stay there any more. She therefore rushed back home. She told her husband what had happened there.

They decided to go on pilgrimage. Taking permission of his parents and getting their blessings too, Suguna started on pilgrimage with his wife Sucharita. They visited several Holy places. Bathed in many Theerthams. But this too did not produce any result. Sucharita wept endlessly. She refused food. She could not be consoled by anybody. So her parents-in-law took her to her parents' house and left her there to be taken care of for sometime.

Her parents felt that that may possibly be the effect of some evil spirits playing on her and hence arranged some special pujas by vizards in the art, tied talismans etc. Yet matters did not improve.