Kabir Dohas



Ek Kahun To Hai Nahin

Ek Kahun To Hai Nahin, Do Kahun To Gaari
Hai Jaisa Taisa Rahe, Kahe Kabir Bichari

If I say one, It is not
If I say two, it will be a violation
Let 'It' be what 'It' is
says Kabir upon contemplation

This Doha is an illustration of Kabir mysticism that parallels the Zen Koans.

Kabir here is alluding to the futility of describing the cosmic experience. In that vein, he underscores the limited vision of both the Advaitic (one God) and Dvaitic (God is separate from the devotee) schools of thought. He says that the final experience is what it is and cannot be cast into any thought, words or description. A first-hand direct experience is the only way of knowing. And when that happens all else becomes literally irrelevant.

Many people ask why did the tragedy of September 11 have to happen? Many spiritual leaders have given a variety of explanations. Could it be that the answer is not an explanation but a feeling, not discussion or analysis but silence, not extroversion but an introversive acceptance?