Kabir Dohas



Kabira Garv Na Keejiye 1

Kabira Garv Na Keejiye, Uncha Dekh Aavaas
Kaal Paron Bhuin Letna, Ooper Jamsi Ghaas

Says Kabir
Don't be so proud and vain
Looking at your high mansion
Death makes one lie on bare land
And grass will grow thereon

Pride, arrogance and vanity are all related to our ego, our perishable belongings and things which are not eternal. In this Doha, Kabir gives a clear warning by explaining the eternal ultimate Truth i.e. Death. We all know that we have to die, but are we willing to accept this fact? Deep behind our psyche is the idea that everything else is going to perish to die, but "I" will go on eternally. Hence, we cling to our perishables and become possessive and selfish. This causes us to become arrogant, greedy, proud and vain.

Kabir emphasizes the need to understand the cycle of Life and guides us to shed our pride.