Kabir Dohas



Moond Munddavat Din Gaye

Moond Munddavat Din Gaye, Ajhun Na Miliya Raam
Raam Naam Kahu Kya Karey, Je Man Ke Aurey Kaam

Ages have passed shaving the head, yet union with Ram is not here
Recitation of Ram Naam is futile, when mind is engaged elsewhere

My Understanding
In the earlier dohas Kabir explained the redundancy of the ritualistic 'fiddling' of the rosary. He now exposes those who are merely gripped in the rituals of shaving their heads periodically and reciting Ram Naam while their mind is busy wandering. Kabir emphatically condemns these rituals and considers them a mere pretense. If one is merely masked and engrossed in outwardly show-offs or trapped in sectarian and communal rituals, one is only leading a life of delusion and self-deception. Kabir emphasizes the importance and need of mastering one's mind to develop peace and poise, love and compassion as these are the essential ingredients towards leading a harmonious life and self-realization