Kabir Dohas



Aasa Jive Jag Marey

Aasa Jive Jag Marey, Log Marey Mar Jayee
Soyee Sube Dhan Sanchate, So Ubrey Jey Khaye

Hope lives in a dying world, people die and die again
Perish yet hoarding wealth, spend and freedom attain

Having explained in the previous Doha that we should save the wealth that will be helpful now and beyond, Kabir now makes us take a step forward towards the principle of non-attachment through this Doha.

In this eternally changing and perishable world, Kabir explains that only those who distribute and share the wealth are the ones who attain liberation. Who are they that share? Those who have abundance. And, abundance comes to those who understand the doctrine of Karma and are non-attached to the results