Kabir Dohas



Pehle Agan Birha Ki

Pehle Agan Birha Ki, Pachhe Prem Ki Pyas
Kahe Kabir Tub Janiye, Naam Milan Ki Aaas

First the pangs of separation
Next grows the thirst for Love
Says Kabir then only hope
The union to materialize

How does one merit Love? How does one become one with the One? How does one attain that ultimate unity? In this Doha, Kabir shows the way.

First, it is the longing of a person to be with one's beloved. It can be one's choicest person or one's Ishta or God. Because, one feels the emotional pangs of separation the intensity or thirst to meet the other increases. Like a flame, it kindles the very being of a person. Only when the desire becomes unshakeable and unbending, Kabir says, the seed of hope germinates to eventually sprout into a true union.

This phenomenon applies to almost every aspect of our life. Even in our vocation, studies, pursuits or daily chores, we find that only when our intent becomes clear, only then our hope and faith grows. Only then the work becomes a source of joy. Only then we realize fulfillment.